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Venice Apartments - Rome Apartments - Florence Apartments


Welcome to the home of Serviced Apartment Rentals in Italy


Venice apartments


Rome apartments


Florence apartments

Venice apartments


Rome apartments


Florence apartments


Italian Tourism is specialized in providing short-stay apartments for leisure and business travellers in Venice, Rome and Florence, Italy.


Travel through Italy and let yourself be seduced by the colours and aromas of a land blessed by the most spectacular scenery, a country so rich in history, art, and music, that few can resist the temptation to return again and again.

We offer accommodation in apartments in the wonderful cities of Venice, Florence and Rome, especially for individual travellers and small groups. High quality services at a price tailored to fit any budget, ranging from inexpensive accommodation for the budget traveller to luxury and exclusive travels. Our attention to detail and personal approach will make your trip unforgettable.


Whether you are in Italy for business or for pleasure we will be able to offer you apartments which are ideal for your specific requirements. Our Venice, Rome and Florence apartments are perfect for both vacation rentals or corporate housing.


What should you bear in mind when trying to find an accommodation in Venice, Rome or Florence?


Firstly your budget! Lodging in our apartments in Venice, Rome or Florence you can get excellent accommodation at reasonable prices. Our aim is to deliver the very best accommodation at the best possible price in Venice, Rome and Florence. These are great cities, but also expensive ones too! That's one of the reasons why serviced apartments in Venice, Rome and Florence are so popular: they offer considerable savings against other kinds of accommodations. We bring you the most competitive rates for Venice, Rome and Florence apartments.

Then think about where you would like to stay? Our Venice, Rome and Florence apartments are located in the centre near the ancient historic sights and allow easy access to the many delights of these cities. All of our apartments are close to the key business areas, as well as being close to the many sights that Venice, Rome and Florence have to offer. Every apartment is just round the corner from shops, restaurants and other diversions. We have a range of studio, 1, 2, 3 and 4 bedroom apartments, all suitable for individual travellers, corporate groups and families alike. Therefore, whether you are in Italy for your vacation or on business, our apartments are superbly located.

Another important consideration is what do you expect from the apartment in terms of services and amenities? All of our apartments are marvellous, and have far more space than you will find in an average hotel room. Our apartments in Venice, Rome and Florence are equipped to the highest standards, featuring many appliances and amenities that you simply will not find in a hotel, thus adding to the value of our apartments. With all the extra space available, you will find that our apartments represent a far more economic alternative to traditional hotel rooms and they offer the best form of accommodation for families, groups of friends or businessmen.


Book one of our apartments, guaranteed best rates and easy reservations:



Apartments Venice 1 room:

Doni 1 - Doni 2 - Doni 3 - Lando


 Apartments Venice 2 rooms:

Anafesto - Cicogna 2 - Foscarini - Selvo - Soranzo - Tegalliano 2


 Apartments Venice 3 rooms:

Cicogna - Cornaro - Malipiero - Steno - Tegalliano - Valiero - Veniero


 Apartments Venice 4 rooms:



 Apartments Venice 5 rooms:

Erizzo - Giustinian


 Apartments Venice 6 rooms:



 Apartments Rome 1 room:

Balbinus - Carinus - Maxentius


 Apartments Rome 2 rooms:

Libius - Lucius - Macrinus


 Apartments Florence 2 rooms:

Arno D - Arno 5 - Arno 7


 Apartments Florence 3 rooms:

Arno 6 - Arno 8 - Arno 9 - Arno 10


 Apartments Florence 4 rooms:

Arno 11


Travel information on Venice, Rome and Florence:


Venice guide:

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Rome guide:

Rome Guide - Arriving in Rome by plane - Arriving in Rome by car or bus - Arriving in Rome by train - Getting around in Rome - Historic squares in Rome - Villas and gardens in Rome - Renaissance itinerary in Rome - Arches of ancient Rome - Baroque itinerary in Rome - Medieval itinerary in Rome - Egyptian obelisks itinerary - Along the Tiber itinerary - Water itinerary in Rome

Florence guide:

Florence Guide - Arriving in Florence - Getting around in Florence - Santa Croce area in Florence - San Giovanni area in Florence - Santa Maria Novella Area - Santo Spirito area in Florence - Environs of Florence - Useful information for Florence - By night in Florence


Italian-Tourism offers a wide range of fully furnished serviced Venice, Rome and Florence apartments and vacation rentals in all central Venice, Rome and Florence locations. Try apartment accommodation in the most convenient locations in these wonderful cities: our serviced apartments and vacation rentals are all located with easy reach of the main shopping, cultural, historical and business areas of central Venice, Rome and Florence.


Venice apartments - Rome apartments - Florence apartments - Italy apartments - Italy travel Tours USA

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